Set to open in early 2021, Rosebud Early Learning will be a full-service childcare centre catering for 92 children from the ages of six weeks to five years of age. Our philosophy will centre on understanding and managing the balance between education, care and play, to inspire children to look forward to their rich learning journey ahead and prepare them for school … and for life!

We will be all about keeping childcare simple – through our children’s eyes. Our educators will provide a warm, nurturing and encouraging learning environment that will allow children to feel safe, inspired and confident which will help their little minds grow and develop. Our focus will also be on natural play as studies have shown that children who play regularly in natural settings are more resistant to stress, sick less often, less likely to be overweight and have a higher measure of self-worth.

And while playing in the sandpit, digging in the garden, splashing about in a waterpark and feeding a variety of animals aren’t daily occurrences for many children today, they will be at Rosebud Early Learning. Less screen time and more play time is our catchcry for 2021!

Our Facilities

Single use, repetitive play equipment becomes boring for children very quickly. Diverse, natural and challenging spaces help children learn to recognise, assess and negotiate risk and build confidence and competence. They allow children to play in imaginative and creative ways, which helps them improve their language and collaboration skills. Studies have also shown that children who play in nature have more positive feelings about each other and bullying behaviour is greatly reduced.

At Rosebud Early Learning, our focus will be on allowing children to be free, entertain themselves, choose how they play and learn and discover their ‘wildhood’! Our centre’s unique outdoor environment will feature four sand pits, two large bike tracks, a waterpark, a large grassy area, a barnyard full of animals and a Garden World where children can learn how to tend to a variety of herbs and vegetables.

Our Team

The early years are the most critical stage of our children’s development, and our educators will be committed to doing all they can to nurture this during their time with us. Our team will follow the certified National Quality Standard (NQS) for early childhood education and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). The EYLF in particular supports play-based learning through the guiding principles of Belonging, Being and Becoming.

We will also support the notion that all children are capable of extraordinary things. The potential for happiness and greatness lies in all of them, and will mean different things to different children. They will face challenges and disappointments along the way but our educators will equip them with the skills to help build their resilience. This will help them bounce back from stress, challenges and adversity and allow them to be brave, curious, adaptable and extend their reach into the exciting world that awaits them.

At Rosebud Early Learning, shoes will be optional, getting dirty will be compulsory and our inclusive and unique learning experiences will instil in children a lifetime love of learning.